A guy I am dating takes a long time to reply me but I see him "online dating" site?

I am guessing he is chatting away. When I text him, he takes a whole day to reply. I know he over think but really 12 hours?

Maybe he just doesn't like me that much? I really don't know how I feel right now because he wants to go on a second date. Advice, I don't like to be played?He has an app on his phone for messages but he is actually online so that means he is chatting away but he can't text me instantly.

I only wanted an activity partner and he tried really hard to ask me out (for a couple days) and now I realized he is just testing the water. I need advice because I am not sure how to react when I see him again. I am not even sure I feel comfortable for a second date.

Should I just move on or what should I do? This never happened to me before. I really thought he care to check if I am feeling better.


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  • You should just be patient with him.

    It seems that he's really testing the waters and keeps his options open.

    Pursue the second date ,and he will be more likely to respond to your messages quickly if it went well.

    • I think I should test other water too because now I realized that I don't want a relationship with him. He already mentioned that I should be open minded where this goes or doesn't go any where. I think I should have just took that as warning signs. How can I nicely ended on the second date?

      I still want to be activity partner. I just don't want to continue dating him now. Advice?

    • Then, simply distance yourself from him. Avoid unnecessary communications.

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  • Use the classical let's just be friends line.

    Text him OK for the second date, but just friends; problem solved.

  • 12 hours is nothing to a guy. You need to realize that just because a guy doesn't respond as quickly as you like, it means absolutely nothing.


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  • I noticed this when I was using a dating site. The guys, even after starting a relationship with me, never stopped "shopping" online for someone else. It's just so easy to check out other people when it's just a click away, and sometimes they simply never stop looking for "someone better".

    If you don't want to see him anymore, then don't. Be honest and let him know so you both can stop wasting time with each other.