For the gals. Would you date someone in this situation?

I'm 24, single, still living with fairly conservative Christian parents, and working a dead end job that pays horribly but am trying to find another. I have a car that keeps threatening to break down on me, and I have a tendency to keep my feelings to myself. And before I forget, I have three younger brothers who are actually quite protective and the feeling is mutual. My dad is a pastor, and the whole family is accustomed to a farming atmosphere, meaning we're very close knit.

Would you date a guy in these kind of circumstances?


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  • I don't see why not. Here are my thoughts:

    - I'm 20, single, a conservative Christian, and I live with my conservative Christian parents.

    - I dropped out of school, so I can't hold the dead end job against you.

    - I love family oriented guys.

    - The car and the feelings thing don't bother me.


    - I have plans to move out of my parents' this summer.

    - I'm definitely going back to school after I move (I'm changing cities).

    What I'm trying to say is, I know I'm not in a great place in my life right now, but I have immediate plans to make it better. What I'd be looking for with you is the same. I know you're looking for a better job, but is it something you'll be happy with? Is there room to move up, and is that something you'd want to do?

    I don't need a guy to work a glamorous job and make a ton of money, but I would like him to be happy with what he's doing, and hopefully make enough to support children when we have them. I don't expect a guy to singlehandedly support me and the family, but I don't want to be pressured to jump back into work right after giving birth, either.

    I know the question was "would you date" and not "would you marry," but honestly I am looking for a guy to marry. I don't see any point in spending time with a guy who knows it's never going to be serious.

    • Well it's nice to know that I'm not completely out of the running as dating material. And yes I do have plans to get out of the proverbial rut. And as soon as I can I'm going back to college. I really appreciate your input here. You've brightened my day a bit.

  • As long as you have a goal and work towards it, yes. I live with my parents most of the year, when I'm not in school. I guess my jobs are dead-end, but one I love (farming) and the other is just temporary. My car is more dead than working most days.

    You're young and as long as you are active about improving your circumstances, it doesn't really matter. As long as you can eventually support yourself and are happy, its good.

    LOL, like snowangle, I date to marry. Not Christian though.


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