Is that stupid if you liked someone online ??

people .. guys and girls .. what do you think about liking someone online? is that crazy or stupid ? tell me what you think!


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  • I would say for one, you can't help how you meet people.

    But I personally feel like dating sites at our age kind of looks desperate. Don't get me wrong they are great for older people, that how my mom met her husband, but honestly to meet the right person you can't be "looking" per se, it just happens when you least expect it, otherwise it will feel forced.

    But If they way you met this person is just from chatting on something like this, or like facebook, that's cool I guess, I personally wouldn't just because, you never know, but if it feels right to you then why not.

    Just be VERY careful, like almost stupid careful. These days you gotta be, make sure if you ever meet this person, you are not alone, go with friends and make him bring friends, and don't go anywhere but a public place. And even after that I would wait a while before you were one on one with the person, unless it was again, at a public place FULL of witnesses lol

    • Nothing says a great first date like bringing all your friends the first time you meet them. Come on, if its just hanging out sure.

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    • Also yea its so crazy if I did that ...

      & he puted a pic of something he likes ,, on facebook..

      and come oooon he's not an evil .. I know a lot of stuff about him ....!!!

    • Well that's your choice, its your life, all I'm saying is be careful.

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  • I think it's foolish to get "attached" to people you meet online.

    I think it's foolish to chat with someone for weeks, or months, before you meet in person.

    You build up an illusion of this person, and you start developing an attachment to the illusion -- not to the real person.

    Here's my rule of thumb: if you meet online, chat or email for NO MORE than 2 weeks. If you seem to have online chemistry, make a quick move to transition to the real-world. 2 weeks is enough to get a sense of them, but not build up an illusion of them.

    If they don't want to meet real world, cut 'em off and move ahead with your life.

    • Yea I know its foolish ..

      but I know this person before 5 months and this month the 6 .. and this person is a friend but I think he's more then a friend .. and he never asked about my pic he said he don't care because we're just friends ,, I chat with him by text everyday ,, what you think about that???? be serious just say what you think ??

    • I think you should try to move this relationship to the real world.

      If he's not interested, or if he's too far away, cut him out of you life and move on. Otherwise, you're setting yourself up for heartache and investing too much time in something that's not quite real.

    • Lol calm down .. and yea you're right about that but I can't just say ( I like you!! do you feel the same way to me?? & if he said No we're just friends!!!! ouch @_- Ok that hurt ,,.. ) lol you're sO quick about everything ,, even you're right but quick.. ^____^

  • There's absolutely nothing wrong with it if you feel comfortable with that person and can trust them.

  • Have you seen a photo of this person?


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  • i have met my boyfriend online ... and we never saw each other (together from 3 months ) and we really really love each other ... we open the cam a lot and play around in any way...we laugh , do weird things , we even do yoga on cam :D I'm planning to meet him anyways because we are really in love nothing wrong with it :D

    ps : I know a lot of married couples who knew each other online .. and must say they are pretty happy :D the problem is that it doesn't work like that in all circumstances...its like 20% ...the other 80 are fooling around and unserious kids... good luck!

    • Thx ^___^ and gd luck for you too..

  • of chores not. its ok to like a guy online. I used to have a crush on one guy that I meant online.

    BE CAREFUL! men will do anything to get a girl in bed and even lie to get one. you never know who you talking to, you might think that you’re talking to a hot 18 year old but really it might be a old man pretending to be (even if he says that he has a picture of himself.) if you do trust someone online make shore you meet in a place where you two are in public and you are safe. don’t be alone with that person un till a couple of dates.

  • Well have you ever met this person?

    You should meet this person & hang out with them & see if that's how they really are?

    But be careful though(:

    • No I haven't met him before ..

      and even we didn't talk about meeting each other ..

      its like a bubble ... I'm in a big bubble ..

  • I had a really bad crush on a guy I saw on a forum once. I never talked to him or anything. It was very odd.

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