This girl I've been talking to for months says she's not ready to date. I think she isn't telling me something

1. She told me she wanted to be real with me and that she would be leading me on if we did, and that not fair to me.

2. I asked her when she first got the feeling I liked her.

Her- Along time age and I thought I'll give it a try, but I'd only be fooling myself, I'm not ready to date, in it will never work.

3.Me - That interesting because I told my self that aslong as I keep a smile on her face it will work out.

4. Her- A smile only goes but so far...

5 You see the thing is I wanted to ask her what's really going on, because I think something is bothering her. But I didn't want to come off as stubburn or thirsty, so I took it for what it's worth.

6 Were still friends, but do you think I should figure out what's going on with her or leave it alone?


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  • She's being pretty honest with you. She doesn't want to date you. She doesn't want to lead her on. You're hoping that you can change her mind, but she's pretty much made her mind up already. I'd vote to move on.


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  • Well she dumped you

    • Oh I forgot to mention we didn't ge to the relationship part yet. That's were I'm trying to get to by dating first.

    • She's not interested dude..leave her

    • Alright thanks.

  • A friendship (smile) can only go so far. She is not interested.


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  • It seems that she's telling that she's not interested in you anymore.

    You should leave her alone and start pursuing other girls.