Dating: are normal / sane people still available?

I don't know, maybe I'm being harsh, but the greatest majority of people out there seem to be a**hole. I keep hearing awful stories about people being mean, dishonest and / or irresponsible. And it's happened to me many times before. How do I keep focused on the positive when I think of this? Any suggestions?


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  • I think you just have to remember that if everyone fell in love with the first person they met or everyone married their high school sweethearts the average age for marriage would be like 18 rather than the mid-20s (and rising).

    i dated two girls that cheated on me and it was devestating but I always tried to remember that it will only make finding the person I'm going to be with forever even more special since I went through so much crap.

    I also just live by the saying, "it is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all".

    If you let fear of bad relationships paralyze you then you'll never get anywhere. Just like a sports team you can appreciate finding a successful relationship more (winning a championship) after a series of bad relationships (after a series of defeats) and it will make that special relationship something you'll appreciate more

    you "truly" appreciate

    happiness without knowing sadness

    wealth without knowing poverty

    love without knowing heartache

    • thanks! really liked it.

      btw, I think that in the last paragraph you forgot "don't"...

      just clarifying cause it was a good post!

    • yeah. I did mean to put "you don't truly appreciate"

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  • Where are you meeting these guys? I know a lot of quality guys out there, but if you are meeting people in the same setting/area, the chances are that you will meet the same mean, irresponsible or dishonest guys.

    Try places where you can find more mature and nice guys. Maybe at a college or certain interest groups, etc...

  • I'd imagine that great people are hard to find. A lot of people can appear to be great on the outside but are nasty inside. Perhaps you would like to share some of your experiences?

  • There are a lot of people like that.

    Though, to keep your positivism, be optimistic. Try to see that every guy you meet is really nice and wants to get to know you more.

  • Are you a normal, sane person?

    • not really, but in a fun way, not in a mean way ;)

    • lol You threw a wrench in what I was going to say.

    • lol! sorry I'm so clever...! :P

  • I absolutely agree with you, I have been stepped on and treated so much as if I don't matter that I can't even imagine a female not being shallow!

  • I think they're pretty much taken, unfortunately. There's a bunch of desperate losers on dating websites, but aside from that, it's basically like job hunting. Hop around, and hope to nab a position that has a vacancy.


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