The girl I am dating says I'm weird all the time

Usually we talk and and do other stuff. She says I'm weird usually. Then I ask why? and she likes I say it all the time. I talk to her every day am I being clingy? Or should I give her free time? I'm not sure. I haven't seen her in a week but I still talk to her. I really like her though. usually when we talk she touches her hair a lot. What could this be a sign of? She usually says I'm annoying and weird. I said how? She said oh now you are annoying and weird in a GOOD WAY lol. Anything you guys can help me will do thanks guys!

Didn't copy everything I wrote lol

I think she likes me cause she asked me what type of girls do I like? I pretty much described her.I really, really, like her. but I think she is playing hard to get which is f***ing annoying. I already have you but she's playing hard.


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  • weird can mean like different or unique. you are dating so I don't think you should concern yourself as long as she seems happy.