How do I get a girl online to talk to me?

I'm not big on online dating or hookups but this girl I saw was absolutely gorgeous, I don't want to pass up the opportunity to get to know her. I'm not certain if I like her though but she's very physically attractive to me. What should I say so I don't sound like every other creep trying to get with her?


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  • i used to be a member on an online dating-type site, and I would get messages from guys all the time telling me how beautiful I am and stuff like that

    of course it was nice to hear(: but they said it all. the. time. eventually it just got sort of annoying -.-

    now, I'm not saying don't tell her you think she's beautiful(: just make sure you are genuinely getting to know her. hopefully you guys talk long enough to really get to know each other and if your both comfortable with it, you might arrange a time and place to meet!

    i think that FIRST you should take a look at her profile and see what it says about her there.

    when I would get messages, guys would ask me questions that were answered right on my profile. seemed to me they didn't care enough to take the time to see what I liked, and didn't like etc. they'd ask if I drank. my profile already said no. they might ask what kinds of TV shows I like to watch. it was right there under my interests on my profile.

    **this is really just my personal opinion, so I'm sure other girls will disagree and/or have other advise to give. everyone is different after all!**

    but above all, I would say be confident (but not cocky!) and be yourself! :D it was always great to talk to a guy who was nice, and polite, and genuinely interested me as a person.

    remember, just because it's online, doesn't mean we need to treat people any different than we would in person(:

    • Yea I've been very honest with her and I kept that in mind on not over exaggerating how pretty she is even though she is. I'm just afraid she likes me for now and will get bored of me since its hard for us to see each other

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  • Simply talk to her.

    Talk about her interest.

    If she likes volleyball, then talk about.

    By talking about her interest, she will become interested in you as well.