Hi, I like this guy who I think I may have burned but can he still be interested? :)

I have a hard time being open with guys so I decided to use a dating site to avoid that. It was great. I met a man and we talked for 4 months and finally decided to meet but when it came to time of meeting I had a hard time being open with him when the opportunities happened. I either started talking to another person or didn't notice him. I was just so nervous and it didn't help that he was with his buddies or in front of his co-workers. It made me that much more nervous. Now I feel like I burned him but I didn't mean for it to seem like that. I notice him now all over the place and he notices me too but it's always from a distance. I caught him looking and today when I seen him from a distance I smiled to seem more open and kept walking with my friend but then I just happened to look behind me and there he was staring at me but it was too far too stop and talk. what's going on with this situation?


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  • He's still interested.

    You should go talk to him, and break those awkwardness.


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