Tips and suggestions for spending quality time on 1st date with her in this scenario ?

We've planned a date and decided to meet at a place which kind of a combination of lake, park, zoo and fun-land.

The reason I'm asking this question is because in few of my previous dating experiences, I was too much relaxed and casual in the meetings that the girls thought I'm not doing anything and kinda thought that I'm not that into her. Hence, I'm a bit more concerned about my acts this time.

Also, we've met previously and we talk to each other a lot almost everyday. I've already expressed my love interest to her. She is happy with it, but she says she needs a bit more personal time to spend with me before she can decide to commit to me. And we have decided to meet up and spend some time together as said above.

Girls, mostly what acts/stuffs of a guy would make you feel like having quality time, feel excited , romantic and basically more positively attracted ?

And guys, share your experiences of the stuffs that you did and she liked it positively.

Any one? Lol I wonder if my question too odd to be answered?


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  • Your ideas are really great.

    It will involve a lot of fun time, and both of you will really enjoy it.

    Try breaking the touch barrier and try holding hands.

    • What do you think is the problem with my question and scenario ? You are the only one who replied to it. I see people are openly answering all other questions and in quantity but not mine.

    • There are many factors to that.

      1. Some people are just lazy to read long questions.

      2. They don't know how to answer it.

      3. Some are inexperienced in relationships that's why they can't answer yours.

      For me, I'm trying to answer everything in this site.

      I don't leave any question unanswered.