Should I text her, or just cut all ties and never say a word to her again?

Some of you might have seen the other questions that I have posted over the past three days. Anyway, to sum it up, my fiancee of over two years cheated on me (no sex, just flirting,texting,and sending pic which she said weren't nude) that is beside the point cheating is cheating.

I didn't find out because of her telling me, I found out by looking through her phone. We lived together, yesterday I packed up my stuff and left, living with my parents for now. I get here, and decide to look in her Facebook, only to find her and her dad dogging me out, calling me stupid, coward, mama's boy, and that I never grew up.

I don't see how they could say that when she was the one cheating unless she told him that I left and said nothing about her cheating.

She cried that whole night and the next day all the way up until I left. She said she wants to be with me, but she told her dad that she feels free. It's just all a bug load of sh*t, I want to talk to her, but I don't. I deleted all her family off of Facebook, and her uncle messages me asking why I deleted him that he was shocked that I left, and that "we are still friends".

I want to talk to her, but I refuse to be the one to start the conversion. I mean if she really really wants us to work out she would have texted me today at least right? All day nothing, I know I might sound sad, but I do miss her at this point and just want to talk, even if I have no intent on getting back with her.

Do you people out there think I am a coward and pathetic?


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  • Well, give yourself time please..because truth be told , it would have only been a matter of time that she would have found someone that piqued her interest, and physically cheated on u.. I'm not lying. And you have to know this two.. Her actions caused you to feel that way anyway. Her family she will never give you 100% she know if she fails that her parents are there. But if she rely on you and trust hand fails she has to get back up again quickly in order to make things happened for the both of you ...she's lazy. Scared to be a real adult.

    And all Ur gonna become is an extension of her family. No room for you to be the head man, like you want to be.. In her life. I'm sorry but she deserve someone to take care of ..she will end up with a loser guy that she can abuse and take care of. Cause he need her and will do what she says.

    Her father is immature too, I get they are a close nit family and you like that but I wouldn't wanna raise my kids in,a self absorb , ride and obnoxious family.

    • This is so very true, thank you!

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  • You're just not ready for marriage, much less a serious long term relationship.

    An adult would try to salvage the relationship rather than just running out at the first hurdle. When an adult loves someone they set that person free, not hold them in tightly and force them to constantly prove their love by adhering to a strict set of rules. Love doesn't have rules or boundaries.

    I think you're both better off without each other.

    Also, going through someone's phone is just wrong - regardless of what you found. I would break up with someone if they did that to me, even if all they found were texts from work. Where I live its regarded as one of the early warning signs for domestic violence. TV ads and everything.

    • Why would that bother you so much? Also, how is that linked to domestic violence?

  • Maybe they're just friends, ask her about it, get her side of the story,

    • I have, she said she cheated, the text said "Babe I don't want to seem too clingy, but what's wrong"

    • The best thing to do is to just talk, what else can you do?

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  • She cheated bud and as much as it sucks to accept, it's done. Once a chick cheats she should NEVER get your respect or attention for the rest of your life. She broke the biggest trust bond and you will never truly trust her again, it will just end badly in the future.

  • No, you are not but, I don't think playing the waiting game will help either. If you want her back talk to her but, she was cheating on you not sexually of course. So ask yourself and her what went wrong why did she feel like cheating? What isn't she happy about?

    • I still don't think that I should be the one to contact her first. She said it was because she felt like I didn't want to be with her anymore, which I thought was crazy because we were joking flirting and happy up until I found that on her phone. I mean we had one of those random sexual days where I get really horny and eat her out and sleep with her 3 times a day. She then later said it was because I gave her a ultimatum, BUT all I said, And I have said it in the past is that one day she wil

    • will have to choose me over her parents. I didn't mean as in never talk to your family again. And I told her that many times, which makes me think she just wanted a out, and is trying to save face by blaming it on me. I told her all I ment by that statement is that instead of leaning on her dad all the time, she needs to lean and trust me, if we were going to build a life and family together we needed to lean on each other and not other people. I just know this whole situation is sh*t