Why do some guys need to remind me who they are when they text?

Some guys like to remind me who they are in the text. Like for example, "Hi, I am the guy in the bus with you earlier."

or when a guy gets a new phone and they texted me a couple messages and then say "Hi, this is name. Not sure if this the same number."


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  • It's because they want you to remember them.

    Some people just simply forget the people they've met a day or two days before.

    Also, it's to remind the small moment you've shared.


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  • They probably just want you to remember who they are incase you forgot. Nothing wrong with that.


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  • They clearly just want to make sure you remember who they are.

    And the one saying not sure if it's the same number, just checking to make sure. People change their numbers a billion times these days (which is annoying, hah).

    I don't think it's more complicated than that.