Girls when you get a break up text , which shows you cared , which shows you didnt

Ok, I know everyone is first going to say you don't break up over texts, but without going into the whole nitty gritty, it was the only way to do it. Now I sent a very classy, nice message basically stating the obvious and we should end the reationship. My question is , out of three ways to respond, 1) nothing 2 ) replies in a nice way agreeing with decision 3) belittles you and says your a piece of crap Which shows she cared the most , which the least?


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  • Usually...

    1 shows she cares the least

    2 shows that she cares a lot, to the point she'll let you go if it makes you happy

    3 shows that she cares a lot, but to the point where she considers you like she would property

    1 should be given 3 days before you declare it silence. Sometimes we take their time to reply, especially if we're upset and don't want to say anything we might regret later.

    2 is probably the girl you shouldn't have dumped but will usually be open minded enough to consider dating again if you change your mind (though not always).

    3 is when you should go grab a beer and congratulate yourself on your great escape.


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  • why do you care, if she cares or not? She might do any of these and care or doesn't care// My ex broke up with me while I was in another country. And I asked him why, and try to have some contact with him a few more times in that month.. I never cared so much about him, but getting dumped was terrible so I just wanted to reverse things.. If that was to happen again in the future, I would probably not answer him, or just say "okay" or something like that. At the end, you should never care about some idiot who can't work things out and chooses to end things instead

  • lol... gils.

  • 2. Agree, tell them you need no contact, disappear, focus on yourself and then once you are really over them, they might come back.

    But yea, just agree. There's nothing you can do if someone wants to break up with you. Everyone has a right to change their mind.

    • Wrong question, lol! It depends on personality so you cannot judge how much someone cares by how they responded. You can judge character/class:

      Classiest: 2.

      Someone you might not want to be with: 3

      1 is not great but prob better than 3 (for me).

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