What does going on a second date with a girl means?

A guy took too long to reply with me about a second date since I was sick. When he texted back I said I already made other plans. I asked about a different day. I told him it is probably better if he let me know his schedule (since it takes him a while and he works in retail).

Anyways, he apologize for taking a while to get a new phone service. He threw out times and a day that he was completely available. He then reminded this is _name_ just making sure this is the right number.I told him it wasn't going to work because I was busy this whole week and told him maybe another week. Then I throw out a time and date. He kept texting for time and location...Then he said it's set!

My major question is why did he have to remind me who he was? Why is that important to have a second date with me because he is dating multiple girls? It is not like he can't just date another girl...


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  • He assumes you are also dating online, I guess, and it wouldn't be surprising you would have forgotten his name after several weeks. Especially since you said you were so busy...he would assume you were talking or dating other people

    • I guess. My profile is blank but I do use it to find activity partner...I guess I do come off having my own thing going on and I do get approach often so is he seeing where his luck goes?

    • He's not likely to spend a lot of time asking yu if you say no to several dates..

  • First question, it's to assure you that it's really him.

    It seems that he likes you a lot more than other girls.


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