Is it fair to say a whole ethnicity is unattractive?

I mean, for instance, black women and Asian men are deemed as the least attractive and are the least likely to date or marry interracially. Dating a black woman or Asian man is dating down. But, if statistics back up these facts, do you think it is fair to say a whole ethnicity is unattractive?



So I mean, why are people offended by statistics and FACTS?

I'm also not asking for politically correct answers from people who like to pretend they find bw/am attractive. Especially if you live in Canada or Europe, cause I notice y'all like the IDEA of finding black women attractive when it's clear you've never met or seen one ever, in your life. I'm also not looking for jungle fever responses or whatever. It's just a question.

One minute people on here love and adore statistics but the next they're against stats.

I'm biracial btw


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  • Good article, his theories actually agree with mine, in which I said blacks are more evolutionarily evolved than the other races as a result of longer exposure to the Mother Land. Black women and Asian men are on the whole, the least desirable. There are exceptions, and obviously the most symmetrical and healthiest versions of both races will be considered universally attractive, but generally speaking, they are the least desirable. Whoever denies this is also denying statistical evidence that supports these claims.

    • well everyone here has denied it so far

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    • At least you brought up a good argument, which I've always agreed with. But people always say the golden ratio is full of sh*t when it's universally the standard of beauty, including with body shape(hourglass or banana)

    • Math DOES lie when the original numbers are skewed. Show me his research methods. His sample size. The population that made up the sample.

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  • Satoshi Kanazawa looks like he fell outta the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down! Who'd pick him to judge a beauty pageant?

  • It is totally unfair and the justification is piss poor. Peace I'd think you were more intelligent than this. Where are the other accredited scientific journal articles and reports supporting this man. He doesn't even outline how his study was conducted. His "stats and "facts" are laughable. Black women are "objectively" less attractive. Obectively. Really? Or maybe it is subjectively based on a stupid study.What is attractive. What is the universal definiton of attraction. there is none. Social sciences are rarely universally regarded as truths anyway. His conclusions and assumptions are terrible. Many of his colleagues have torn his "research" up.

    • i'm just repeating research lmao

      If I'd allowed anon answers I'd get a bunch of agreements instead of people playing deaf, dumb and stupid about this

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    • Ooh you got that Asian persuasion lol. This is a start into the character of PLC :) So you don't care for this guys opinion. So are you indifferent to his methodology and conclusions. Last question. What was your motivation for this question?

    • I think he made it skewed to favor his preferences because other studies have shown the features considered most desirable are white women, with East Asian coming in last due to the overly soft features.

      I had no motivation...if I did, I would have allowed anon answers

  • People can have whatever opinion they want

    but once they try to force it unto other people

    is where it starts to get "wrong", we can't decide

    what people should believe, after all, we're

    all individuals with our own thoughts.

    Even if you make statistics, it will

    always only be partly correct, it will

    always only be "most" of them, at best.

    But to answer your question, no, I don't

    think it's ever right to generalize or think

    of stereotypes as "facts"

    I'm also biracial, Asian-European ^.~

  • This study is a misapprehension of cause and effect.

    It would be like saying that black people are experts are bringing home prices down in an area.

    When in all actuality, people are just willing to pay a lot more to not live near blacks, so the home values fall when they move into an area.

    In the same way, much of society is very driven towards light skin, light eyes, and Nordic features, that the attributes of black women are dismissed for lighter-skinned alternatives because they're quite different from said parameters. But in a society ignorant of today's media, you'd get completely different results.

  • You're just generalizing, which is stereotyping, which're generally right for the most part.

    There are always exceptions.

    Generally black women tend to be more masculine than other women, in terms of physical features and the color of the skin deems them of low value socially.

    Generally Asian men tend to be more feminine than other men in terms of physical appearances, due to short stature, rounder features, lower body weight, and lower muscle mass.

    Exceptions are simple : A 6'0 jacked Asian male with more angular features in the face is still attractive to women, as is a slim, light skinned, feminine faced ( thinner lips for example ), and petite figured black women is still attractive to men.

  • I find it unreasonable so I don't really care if it's fair or not. It's unreasonable to paint everybody with the same brush especially if you haven't encountered everyone of the ethnicity in question. It's like me coming in contact with like several violent dogs of a specific breed and automatically assuming EVERY dog of that breed was violent. It just doesn't make sense to me. It could be because I was raised by very social liberal parents who never put any pressures on me in such a way. My dad even dated black girls in high school before meeting my mom. I think like everything else it's based off our experiences and how we're raised not that any ethnicity is uglier than any other.

    Eh that's just my opinion though.

  • You can skew the interpretation of stats. That they're less likely to date or marry could be the result of cultural influences, environment (less men to date), socioeconomic condition etc...

    A hot girl is a hot girl, wether she's black, Asian or white or Latino whatever, most people will agree on universally attractive traits. It's probably true you'll find a very much lower ration of hot girls in poorer places. That's simply because people don't have the time or cash to spend on taking care of their appearance, or to have a better diet the way girls do in the western world.

    So yes for now, those stats are probably accurrate, on the whole there may be lower ratio of hot girls that among other ethnicities. But with continuing world development, you'll pretty much see that equalise I reckon.

    @update, "Interracial" dating is pretty commonplace in Europe. Maybe not in some eastern or noth eastern countries because there's like no immigrants there but, in most places it's pretty normal.

    And if you're into the IDEA of dating a black or Asian chick, that means your attracted to them haha. Personally I wasn't attracted until I ended up dating them.

    • Liking the idea of being open minded isn't the same as actually being attracted to someone of a different race.

      And in this instance, interracial dating isn't referring to white guy/Asian(Oriental/Indian/Middle Eastern) women couples

    • Yes I agree.

      But if you see a black or Asian chick and you think "omg I'd bang her in a heartbeat" that means you're attracted.

      And I'm reffering all everything that could be classed "interracial", as in white-black-asian-Indian-middle eastern... White-black couple are not that uncommon here, I see some stunning girls of every race daily here. In the end I really think it's about how hot the individual girl is. I don't think you can make it about color.

  • One glance at the graph and especially the standard deviations will tell you that this researcher is not backing up his opinion with actual facts. This is poor science. Plus, a good scientist would have said "percieved as less attractive", not "are less attractive". Attractiveness is a subjective quality.

  • I think it is very unfair, simply because I think there are attractive people within every race. Granted someone may not be attracted to a particular race simply because maybe that race doesn't seem to possess the features they are attracted to, but that doesn't mean that everyone within that race will lack those features.

  • "Lies, damned lies, and statistics" ~ Mark Twain

    I'd rather see the article to the guy making the claim, not some 2nd hand criticism. (I don't know if it's hidden away in between all the criticism, but I didn't look too hard). To call what's presented here as proof, or even compelling evidence is as far away from scientific as it gets.

    Black women have more testosterone? Were there studies done? Because most black women I see have frail jawbones, not big masculine one, the markers for high testosterone. In short, I call bullsh*t. I have no stake in the outcome.

    • Psychology Today took it down because of criticism and attempted to write an article saying black women aren't the least attractive

    • That's too bad that nobody even mentioned any evidence or where the stats came from, then. I guess it will forever remain a mystery what that theory was based on. Even if it were true that black women aren't considered attractive, the reasons mentioned there don't add up. I could just as easily make something up, like saying that white colonialized ancestries are the ones that suffer from this. Japan for sure has always been USA's buttboy since WW2, the author's ancestry.

    • The British Empire and friends pretty much raped every continent with their culture, but if you ask this topic to some isolated and remote tribe they might say white people look unattractive with veins showing on pale skin, etc. I can say this guy was wrong and I'm right, that it's all just cultural. Same impact.

  • You can't really say a whole race is unattractive as people have different types. Say me for instance I like Latina's and don't really rate blondes. Whereas I have a friend who is the reverse. The article may be based on primary a single demographic listing answers or whatever. People have different' opinions leave it at that.

    But tbh not many guys do go for black girls, but some girls do like Asian men. Plus Asian men do you men like Chinese, Japanese etc. Or include Lebanese, Turkish etc (As a lot of girls like them)

    • Actually, Asian men are less likely than black women to date interracially or marry interracially

      And it's Asian men as a whole

  • I don't find black women attractive, but I can only assume they feel the same towards white guys, so if that's the case I guess it's fair.

    • That sounds immature and bitter to be if you're trying to get back at some stereotype

    • I don't understand which part is immature. It is evolution, truth be told none of us are attractive, it's all relative. I find white girls attractive, black guys find black girls. I see a lot of black girls who are obviously beautiful, but I don't feel attracted to them. That research has concluded that black girls are the most unattractive, probably because most of the people who voted where not black.

  • I love when people say:

    "There are beautiful people of every race!"


    "I don't think any race is less attractive than another!"


    "I don't date Blacks. It's just my *preference*."

    Then you look at the fact that it's 1,000,000 people to 10 saying Blacks aren't their "personal" preference, and wonder if it's really more than a "personal" preference.

  • im already ugly . Women hate me

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    • OMG go troll somewhere else, or get serious therapy on the slim chance you're being legit. All you ever post is "what she means is be attractive" or "I'm so ugly" or "women hate me"

    • you've been posting that for an extremely long time

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  • Not fair, obviously. There are good looking people from any race.

    If studies say for example, black women are unattractive,

    but there are still some men who like black women,

    and there are good-looking black women too.

    If studies say Asian guys are unattractive,

    but there are girls who like Asian guys,

    and there are good-looking Asian guys too.

    So we can't generalize. There're no rules for such things.

    These studies actually make those people insecure,

    and that's why they don't try,

    even if they like someone from another race.

    So don't bother, and stop looking into these useless studies, peace. love. couture. :P

  • The links you provided show the obvious flaws in this man's 'science'

    He looks to be running on a gimmick, shock science.

    "In 2006 he published a paper suggesting the poor health of some sub-Saharan Africans is the result of low IQ, not poverty."

    Did you read that? Anyone with some common sense can catch on to this man's game.

    Say something untrue and sure to stir people up and then he gets some attention.

    Beauty is subjective and when it comes to Asian men and Black women you know in a society where European features are idolized(at least seen as more attractive) of course they would score less, because I'm sure the doc did his little study in an area that adhered to that trend.

    But it's a waste of time to really talk much about this 'study' because it's flawed..

  • I don't think so. First of all what is attractive to some people is not attractive to others "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." One of my best friends is really attracted to Asian guys, and doesn't date black guys. She's not racist- quite the opposite- she's biracial too, it's just that she doesn't find them attractive.

    It's subjective and it changes depending on the person.

    Also, there are pretty and ugly people in all ethnicities because everyone's genes are different. I mean look at Tyra Banks. She's fricking hot! And then you have loads of really attractive Asian guys- especially the guys in the asian/American YouTube community.

    So no. It's definitely not fair.

    I'm biracial too :)


  • I think its not fair to say a whole ethnicity is unattractive because to me every ethnicity there are bound to be people that you are attracted to or find unattractive.

    And I believe that there are some people with preference for a certain ethnicity and lesser preference for another ethnicity.

    But that is different from finding one whole ethnicity unattractive.

  • So the Asian male said black chicks are fug? Hmmm methinks he got rejected by a few chocolate hunnies. And... blamed his race? Ain't his fault he got rejected - he's an Asian male! Nothing to do with his arrogance and douchery.

    His facts are actually phacts. And they are pretty pathetic.

  • I am a black women and I have men of every race try to talk to me... so saying a whole race is unattractive is plain dumb and makes your seem pretty simple minded

  • many black women are prettier than some white girls ... it depends .. so it's not fair to say a whole ethnicity is unattractive .. and so the Asian guys do

  • No, it isn't fair. As diverse as the world is, I think it's weird to find an entire ethnicity unattractive. There are beautiful people in every ethnicity, because everyone is different.