I'm not sure on what I should do?

i fell asleep on my friend, woke up a bit later and texted back. she texted back saying not to fall asleep, I told her I wouldn't and I did a few minutes later, not on purpose D: so she text me 3 times while I was asleep. and the final one said "ugh you -.- bye." I told her that I was sorry about an hour later when I woke up (3am), I also texted good morning (around 9am) and she still hasn't texted back being one pm now. I know she's awake and isn't busy cause she's signed in on psn. Does she hate me now? What should I do/say? Don't know if this helps but I'm 16. Just some more info:

I like her and I've hung out with her and her family. We aren't dating as she said she wanted to be best friends (for now) but she occasionally calls me cute so I know she likes me. What did I do to make her mad?

She always calls herself ugly and fat when she's neither of those. Was she just upset that I fell asleep and took it as me thinking that she bores me?
cause she wants to be sure that I like her ?
For anyone who cares:

I gave her time and she texted me back upset saying that she was waiting all day for me to text her and she thought I had forgotten about her. I told her that I like her alot. and I'm working on trying to make her smile again


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  • lol, like its your fault you fell asleep on her? Its not like its in your control. I have a feeling she's just a little bit perturbed about and and she'll come around. And if she didn't happen to, then that's a stupid thing to be mad at someone for. Id give her a day or so.

    • Yeaah I was thinking I'd give her time but I was thinking that I should just apologize anyways even if its not such a good reason to be mad at me cause I don't want to lose her.

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    • You were kind of right, she texted me back but she was really upset that I hadn't texted her and thought I forgot about her so I'm working on trying to make her smile again

    • thats a good deal, as long as you're happy, but the other two girls who answered are very right, she is a drama queen looking for drama and attention.

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  • I think she may be using you for attention and self-validation, but I am not 100% sure.

  • I had a friend in high school who was a bit like this and she was really nice. We were actually best friends for a long time but sometimes stuff was really hard. I think its important to support your friends, but support goes both ways.

    Your friend just needs to work on seeing things from other peoples' perspectives. This is why she seems unreasonable or genuinely upset and you can't work out why.

    Don't be so quick to apologize when she's upset. Stop and ask yourself if you actually did anything wrong first. Sometimes people get upset because they can't see the bigger picture or they misread things. When that happens you can help them see things clearer by explaining how you see it and why you don't think they should worry so much.

    For example you could tell her that if you don't text back at night its because you've fallen asleep at random and you'll catch up with her the following day if she wants.

    • I think she misread me falling asleep and her boring me. Thank you for the advice I actually got to see her yesterday and things are going great again

  • Don't keep chasing after her extra dramatic ass

    • I never had any intention of doing so, she's a really sweet girl and I like her for who she is

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  • It seems that she's really insecure and wants to get attention/validation from you.

    You should just find another girl who will be more understanding of you.

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