Should I take offense?

This guy and I from work have been flirting a lot, I got a vibe that he was definitely interested. We have texted after work a bit, but I thought to put it to the test and message him on the weekend. Its a long weekend and I know he went away so not sure if ge would get phone service or even brought his phone? I'm really starting to get nervous because I followed my gut and still don't doubt him not being interested but I guess my question is how bad are guys at texting?


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  • Every guy is different to be honest, some can be unbelievable confident and charming face to face, some are better hidden behind the safety of words. Just keep testing the water too see if it's hot enough hun, maybe face to face is more of his thing?

    Either way, good luck to you hun. x


  • It seems that he really went somewhere and is just too busy to text.

    Don't over analyze it. He'll text soon enough.


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