Do you think he is mad because I asked if I can see other men?if so what should I do?

he told me that he doesn't want anything serious and that this is just fooling around so when I asked him if I can see other guys he told me that its ok and turned his face and I said thank you and kissed him and he turned his face again so three days later I text him and said:im bored and I want to play so what you say?like what should I do to win him back?

and he replied:iam very busy today and I don't have time to play.enjoy your time.

and I said:fine ill play alone today,but what you say we go out tomorrow?

and he didn't answer so why is he acting that way with me?.

so would it make it better if I tell him the truth and that I was caught off guard when he said he didn't want to be in a serious thing and that I really like him and that I think he is enough for me even if this just a fling and that actually I don't want to see other men


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  • it sounds like you are playing games. Why can't people just say what they want instead of playing stupid games?

    Tell him you like him, and you're not interested in seeing anyone else. If he agrees with you and wants the same, the games are over, and you can start having a good time.


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  • tell him thet truth