Boyfriend is hurt how can I fix it emotionally?

Long story short I had two crazy EX friends who would message him from "catfish" accounts & would say crazy things and such and they decided to threaten me and say they wanted to jump me a guy and a girl may I add.

The guy I attempted to talk to but then he went batsh*t crazy on me threw me against the wall I met him right b4 I met my current & it was hard to get away from him he would yell at me told me to leave then when I got my stuff he said "that's your choice" he would always say when your here your never really here always texting when he would take my phone! Then I told him I couldn't talk to him anymore b.c 1. your crazy and 2 I'm with someone else now b.c someone asked me to be there g.f & I said yes he is crazy! the girl she is on drugs and is a knob honestly and I thought I could help her guess not she wants to be with my boyfriend like crazy these 2 met and have raised hell with my current boyfriend.

I finally got 2 restraining orders out on them for me and my boyfriend so neither one of them can come near neither one of us but he is still hurt I told him nothing I can do or say can change the past so I just have to show you you can trust me again am I right or is there more that I can do?


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  • You are doing all you can do. That is so tough! Try and keep that in the past and concentrate on being awesome now.

  • Give it time.

    Time will heal the emotional pain that your boyfriend is going through.


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