If a girl liked you before, will she like you again?

so in gr 10 I found my first girlfriend, and while we were dating I became friends with another girl in my class. obv since I was in a relationship, I never hit on/nor talked to the girl in a romantic way. I'm not the type who cheats

so after a year and a bit of (mostly) rough ride, my girlfriend confessed that she lost feelings for me and that she found another guy while dating me, and now she likes him. needless to say, I was devastated. meanwhile, while I had been dating, the other girl found herself a bf

not long after, the other girl broke up with her boyfriend as well

fast forward, and now I'm about to graduate. I've asked her to be my date for prom, to which she said yes

somehow, she ended up telling me that she liked me back in gr 10, during the whole relationship fiasco phase. well, I'm starting to fall in love with her, and it really saddens to me to think that she may have friend zoned me (or else why would she confess?)

we're going to different colleges, she on the west coast and me, east coast. I really care about her, and do not want to hurt her by going into a relationship that will only last a summer. is it really worth it (for her)? if she does like me still, I don't want to lead her on knowing full well we will separate after 2 months.



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  • Tough decision. But I don't think you are necessarilty friend zoned. She could have told you she liked you then as a last ditch effort to express her feelings about you before she graduates. There isn't much time before you guys will apart and she wants to know if you felt/ feel the same way, maybe because she likes you...maybe because she just doesn't want to have the regret of not knowing. I'm in a similar situation as I want to tell this guy in college I liked him a lot (a year ago) before I graduate. Maybe she said I "used" to like you because she didn't want to go right out and say "I like you now". My opinion... If you have strong feelings for her you should let her know. Even if you two are going to be apart in the fall. You will at least have an awesome summer of memories to remember. Plus, being with her for a while will help you figure out if you two are really meant to be together (cheesy, I know). You don't have to plan on ending the relationship at the end of the summer if you don't want to. Definitely tell her how you feel before she meets someone else at college!

    • haha I told her, well I was considerate of the fact that she has huge exams coming, so I asked her does she like anyone atm, would she date any of her friends, to which all she replied with a legitly, no

      well, I still like her and it's not as depressing as I thought it would be (much better than doubting what if!)

      so future advice: make sure you take chances, even if they aren't direct

    • Good for you for taking a risk!

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  • No I think she still likes you she just wanted you to know she had liked you before

  • It's been said that if a girl liked you once, she'll like you forever.