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i've had a on/off relationship my my ex for 5 years. but we've become closer than ever for the last 6 months. we've also been friends with benefits for the last 6 months

a few months back we said we liked each other but nothing was said after that.

we flirt like crazy whenever we see each other. we see each other nearly everyday since I got a car at Xmas because I take him places. we try and make time to have int3rcourse once a week if we can.

well I have my period this week and we were suposed to be having s3x on Friday but we couldn't but we went to his house anyway.

we started talking and we were playing about when he leant in and kissed me. we kissed for ages and when we stopped he pulled me close and gave me a cuddle. we didn't do anything sexual.

we carried on kissing and cuddling and we sat against the wall and he reached out for my hand. he held my hand for around 20 minutes. he kept looking straight into my eyes and it wasn't creepy and he kept giving me a beautiful smile.

guys, are these signs you'd give to show a girl you had feelings for her?

girls, what do you think?

and one last question for everyone, should I wait for him to tell me he likes me? or should I swallow my pride and tell him how I feel?


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  • im sure he knows you like him a lot .. NEVER tell a guy how much your into him it just pushes them away even if they feel the same way about you ! it sounds to me like you guys are very much into each other . you said tho that yall where supposed to have sex three times on Friday ? I mean that's fine and all but maybe you need to suggest doing other things with him besides just sex all the time if all you do is have sex then that might be the reason he is there and if that's the case then you don't need that . sex for a girl = love sex for a guy = more sex if he does other things with you and don't care if yall have sex or not even tho he will want to . that's how your going to tell if he has real feelings for you or not .

    • i don't think he is there just for sex but its good to enjoy each other with out it to . but if you both have fun and like each other then go for it as long as your safe about it

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    • should I text him to say I really enjoyed Friday and see where it goes from there or wait until I see him and how he is a casually bring something into the conversation?

    • i would call him and tell him you had a good time and stuff . ask him if he ever thinks of gettting back together that you really care about him and see what he say to it . I wouldn't text him all that cause a text can be taken out of context sometimes its just better to talk

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  • i have an ex that I still like .. well like as a friend are relationship never went no where but we had great sex together . I finally realized that was the only thing keeping us together and we broke up but still did the friends with ben. thing it worked out for me because we are now good friends and can enjoy each other but we both no that's all it is to . maybe the sex is what's keeping yall together on and off .

    • if he don't want to get together again don't be mad at yourself for bringing it up you deserve to know one way or another

    • he told me he liked me a few months back but we both agreed its slightly complicated because his parents don't like me and my parents feel the same way about him. I think that's one of the reasons why he'd reject me.

    • well if your happy with the way things are with yall now then just be happy with it . you can tell him you care about him I see no harm done in that and I'm sure he knows it already . if you guys enjoy each other then that's what counts

  • You have a very disfunctional relationship. You said that you have a car, well he probably uses you and you guys have sex which is the reason why he probably keeps you around. You need to move on from him. If its been that long and you guys haven't been able to keep it together than its pointless. There's a reason you two broke up in the first place.

    • our relationship is very different the last 6 months than it has been over the last 5 years. he doesn't ask me to take him places, I offer when I'm available. I was asking if it sounded like he likes me? and should I wait for him or tell him how I feel?