What is going on with me and this guy?

Idk if it matters, but I'm 21 and this guy is 22. He's the friend of my ex, which is a long story in itself but that's just a small detail I guess (or not, you be the judge). We've been talking romantically for about a year (he's in another state btw) and he always tells me about how he likes me, will come to visit me, etc. but then sometimes just flat out stop responding to me for days, sometimes weeks at a time. And then if I say forget it - that I'm not into that game, he makes me feel like he can't trust our progress because of ME. Like, that I'm just gonna pull out of it and that's why he can't commit. It's crazy and annoying and I know actions speak louder than words. He'll ignore my texts, but go on twitter and tweet when he knows I will see and doesn't care. We JUST were talking about him finally seeing me, and he actually was saying he'll buy my ticket to come to him because of some legal stuff (haha) since he can't come here. Now, it's like all of that progress stops. We're so stop and go and I just want to know what could possibly be the deal? I drunk texted him last night asking why he does things to purposely make me sad and he hasn't said anything back. He also likes having power - I know that. I guess not giving a response gives you power too. We always do this - go from 0 to 60 and then back to 0. Is he playing with my head on purpose? What is the deal with him saying such good things, but doing nothing to back it up?


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  • It seems that he causes you a lot of dramas, and been giving you mixed signals.

    Stop associating yourself with this guy and simply find a better guy for yourself.


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