Trust issues on my part involving a few girls. Not sure what to do.

So my love interest and I had a huge fight about a week and a half ago and I ended up kicking him out. There were several issues ... mostly trust issues on my part involving a few girls.

I hadn't heard from him in a week and finally asked when he was going to come and get his dog and the rest of his belongs. We exchanged a few text messages and I said goodnight. The next day, there was pictures of him with a girl on Facebook at the local bar (small town... only bar) and I asked him about her. He said he didn't invite her but she did show up and he didn't have much of a conversation with her. We then exchanged several text messages about his new place and if he had enough help to move everything.

I really care about him want to be with him... but not sure if I should sit back and wait for him to make the next move or if I should initiate more conversation. This is the longest we have gone without talking in over a year and half. I understand that we had a fight and he ended up leaving (first time I have ever kicked anyone out)... but I am not sure how much time it will take to repair things. We needed to hit the "reset" button. He doesn't seem mad at me at all and in fact told me that he has no plans of not talking with me anymore.

I also find it interesting that he explained that he did not invite her and barely talked to her... He keep on explaining himself and the situation. He has several female friends ... a majority are cool... but there are a few that want more... and she is one.

Any Advice?


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  • well it sounds to me that because you kicked him out, he knows he screwed up and doesn't want to ask if he can come back. and so in turn he's sitting back and waiting to hear if you've changed your mind or not. leaving his dog and belonging there kinda says that's he's waiting. you should plan a mutual time to meet up and have a face to face discussion as to what you want and what he wants with your relationship. a year and a half is a long time to be together.

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