Started perfect but has recently changed...

I've had this huge crush on this guy for a couple years but never talked to him because I felt like he was out of my league. I kinda forgot about him when I moved to another town but I've been revisiting my hometown a lot lately. a month ago one of our mutual friends told me he was asking about me so she put his number in my phone and we started talking :) our first date went amazing and he stayed the night (no sex or kissing) and we just laughed all night. next day he took me out and we were together all day. couple days later we took a random road trip and spent a few days together. randomly, he disappeared for a week cause turns out he went to jail for assault...and now has lost custody of his kids ( when he got out he texted me and we spent the next couple days together. that was a couple weeks ago. we've hung out and stuff ever since. I mean, we've had sex a couple times but not every time we stay the night together. he holds my hand..cuddles..But here's my problem: his recent lack of communication. I've had to text him first a few times now as he'll go MIA for a few days at a time now. I last hung out with him a few days ago (I initiated..and again, no sex), but now it's going on the third day and I've still had no text or call. is he just not into me? or is he just preoccupied with the whole jail/losing kids situation? I don't know whether to text him again or just wait around for him or just give up entirely...


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  • He's really into you.

    His life is just in a mess. Jails, losing kids, and lots.

    • So the fact that it's now been 5 days and he still hasn't talked to me shouldn't be a reason for concern? Lol

    • How about taking time to visit him?

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  • It sounds like he's into you, but is just really busy with the jail/kids situation. However you need a man who can give you his full attention more than every few days! Either confront him and ask where you two are at or move on and let him sort his life out. Hope everything works out :)

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