Kissing... how do I know if I had bad breath?

Well the other day, I was cuddling with a guy, and we ended up kissing, (and he did the tongue thing like, straightaway) but after about 5 seconds he pulled away...

I don't know if it was because he was scared we were going to get caught ( because it's kind of a secret, and my mum was in the room about 3 metres away, though we were separated by a wall), he suddenly changed his mind (which he often does), or was it that I had bad breath.

I'm really scared that I had bad breath, and that's why he pulled away... so what are some ways that I can quickly check to see if I have bad breath?


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  • rub finger across your teeth and smell,

  • It's not that you have a bad breath.

    He's worried that your mom will just walk in.

    • Oh okay, that's good then. She ended up walking in on us holding hands, she wasn't mad, but it was a bit awkward :P

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