Little sister to potential girlfriend?

I know the question sounds a little wrong, but what I mean is, there is this guy that I really like, and he is around 8 years older. He used to treat me like a little sister, but we started flirting around one year to 2 years ago. We kissed for the first time around 4-5 months ago, and since then we've been quite close. We cuddle a lot, hold hands and kiss, but it's still sort of a secret. (sometimes he ignores me)

He never asked me out, and I wanted to know where I stand with him, whether I am just a plaything or he is serious.

I asked him what I was to him. he said I was someone very close, someone that he liked...

Could our relationship develop further?


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  • Of course it could, but it will always have this father-daughter side to it.'

    You have to decide,right now, if you think that would be a healthy sort of situation. Will such a relationship last, and will it make you happy for long?

    I think he already knows the answers to those questions; that's why he often 'ignores' you. He knows this isn't a reasonable relationship.

    • When you mean he already knows the answers, do you mean that he knows the relationship won't last? or he knows it won't make him happy? or... does he think it won't make me happy?

      sorry, could you elaborate a little? I'm a bit confused...

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    • Oh, okay. Thanks for explaining, and for the advice.

    • Best Answer, no?

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  • It can and probably will once he gets over the fact that he has known you for so long and that there is more than a friendship between the two of you, so just be patient, he will eventually submit his feelings to you,x

  • It could, he's probably a little nervous about dating someone 8 years younger than him and what your family would say. If you like him back then be honest with him. It's up to you and him in the end to make it work.

  • I personally wouldn't date anyone who keeps the relationship 'secret'.

  • It's clear that he really likes you a lot.

    This could develop into a relationship if you try flirting with him.

    Convey your feelings to him.


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  • I'm sorry, but I hate when people say they are like a relative to someone,

    Then go on to say how they kissed, or shared intimate moments together.

    You don't do that with your real sibling do you?

    To get a clear answer I think you should ask him,

    Nothing makes things come to surface better than honesty.

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