Why does a guy not contact you after a break up?

My guy and I were together 8 months, we were in the midst of an argument when he suddenly stopped the conversation and said it's over and hung up the Skype call.

The argument was over his constant delays in setting a date to move in with me (he approached me about this) it had already been 3 months since the initial conversation and he kept delaying it because of personal issues, I gave him an ultimatum and said if you have not sorted yourself out in 4 - 6 MONTHS than I will end the relationship as I felt he was just playing me.

I thought I was being reasonable and showing him I understood what he had to do would take time, apparently others have told me it would not matter what the time frame was all that matters was I gave him the ultimatum.

I was aware he had commitment issues, never married nor committed to anyone and he was 55.

I have not heard from him at all in 5 weeks, I did initially try to call him back after the argument twice on Skype (neither call he answered) and sent 3 text messages none of which were abusive the last one simply asking him if he was willing to talk to me.

I sent another text message the next day accepting the end of the relationship wished him well, and asked for my house key back. I had no further contact for 10 days when I rang his phone and left a voice message, which was pleasant and only asked for my house key back for the second time. To date I have never received it back.

No contact after that for 2 weeks, when I sent him one last text message confirming that I had been pregnant and suffered a miscarriage. No reply to my text. I have had no contact since than which is where I am now.

However, when I recently deleted him off my Skype account he sent me a request to add him. After a few days I did, but to date he has made no contact with me.

I am at a lost what is going on, his things are still here at my home and he has made no effort to ask about them or collect them. I have not ask him for my things either at his place but did always tell him if we ever split up I did not leave anything I would miss it was only a small amount of clothes and toiletries.

This was a long distance relationship, we live in different countries. Not far apart England and Ireland.


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  • Long distance will never last lots. After a break up I never talked to any of my girlfeinds after. I tried long term relationship when I went to a differnet univeristy than my girlfirned but all I ended up doing was talking to her on skkype and cheating on her when I went to parties cause it didn't feeell like a relaitionship.

    • Yes we are a bit older and excepted our circumstances as the relationship did not start out long distance in different countries, but he lost his job. I did not like the Skype relationship hence his coming to live with me, but he just would not commit to a date. He was friends with more than one ex by the way, so I don't understand why after this time he could not just contact me about his stuff, all my communications have had no reply the ball is now in his court.

    • Yeah he should have at least told you the sitaution and how you felt

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  • He broke up with you. Why would he contact you again if he doesn't want to see or ever hear from you? That doesn't make sense. Let him be.

    • Well I thought he might like his stuff back to start? and I did ask for my house key back, we are not young adults but middle aged adults surely he could have the maturity to contact me to give us both a clean break.

      I in no way wish to be seen as harass him in any way if I had thought for one minute he could not be trusted to give me my key back I would have never offered it in the first place.

      Oh and the first time we broke up, he told me you have no idea how much I wanted you to contact me