How do you make dating unnecessarily difficult?

I feel dating for everyone in general could be a lot less rigid and difficult if we just put our egos aside.I think there would be a lot more happy people, a lot less anger and complaining on sites like this.

What do I do?

1. Always try less harder to make things work than she does.

2. Don't always text as much as I'd like to.

3. Always worrying "Who has more power in this interaction?" So I'll refrain from investing, or won't say all the sweet things that come to mind so I maintain more power in the interaction.

4. Won't approach the girl I like, even if she clearly likes me because I just think this form of courtship is outdated, primal, and sticking to such patterns is too animalistic.

Basically, just being hard-headed.

What about you? What do you do that makes dating more difficult than it needs to be?


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  • Great question and appreciate the honesty!

    1. Get cray: I become very invested, very fast and somehow get offended if the other person doesn't. At the same time, freaked out if they do. All the while wearing a poker face.

    2. Avoid 'the conversation' so I can see multiple people guilt-free, then be wracked with guilt. Followed by being frustrated that we have not had the conversation.

    3. Oscillate between bouts of over confidence to insecurity.

    4. Leave the country.

    I'm a catch :P

    • Lmao! I used to be exactly like this. Still a horny bastard, but want love nao *tears*. And thanks, I appreciate the honesty as well!

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  • 1-I have too many boundaries and insecurities.

    2-I have principles and criteria.

    3-I try so hard to make sure who I am dating is someone I can get serious with.

    4-I don't have a boyfriend.

    True story:D

  • I am drawn to guys who may not always make the best partners, but I am aware of this tendency so I can control it to a great extent.

    • I think that's cool. I know/knew tons of girls who went for the wrong kind of guys, but never over rode those urges and now their lives are terrible. D:

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  • I always think it won't work out because it never really does. But I have also put a lot more restrictions on who I date because of past experiences.

    I also have never really bothered approaching girls anymore and yet I feel happier that I haven't because I hate the idea of boosting a girl's ego that I don't know when it could very well be undeserved... and I have met a lot of girls that have major ego problems from online dating. When I have met them and they'd just sit a brag about getting 50 messages a day from strangers wanting to cuddle and hook up.

  • I keep believing the voice in my head that says.."she won't like you" "you're not good looking enough for her". And on and on. So far, the little voice has been right...even though deep down I know its wrong...but so far the ones who are attracted to me, I'm not attracted to them, and visa versa.

    • Everyone deals with not getting the one's they want, but at least you get girls. And I know what you mean about the voice thing, plenty of women have told me they wanted me, but I never went for them because of doubts! F***ing up enjoyment for everyone. :D

    • What's worse is I'm about to be 31...still can't find one I want to date...and time is quickly passing by! Not much longer and I'll be the only one in my family who's single. It sucks.