Am I wasting my time by doing this on dating sites?

I'm currently on a few dating sites. Most sites let you send a smile, or wink to someone you're interested in. I know that many girls get 50+ winks or smiles a day. The reason I do it is mainly because:

Why waste time composing a personalized email, if she's not even a little interested?

Her profile description might be lacking substance, thus making it hard to ask a question or start a convos.

She might NOT be a paying subscriber, so she won't be able to read my email, but will see my smile or wink.

Do you think my responses would rise , if I send more emails, and less winks?


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  • Yeah I can give you a work of advice, I am also on a couple dating sites, and I REALLY believe that a heartfelt email is the way to go. Yes a wink is good and all, it lets you tell the person you are somewhat interested but to me it is SO much personal and intimate if you send an email to someone you really would consider dating.A wink is too generic. Why don't you give it a try for a week, sending emails, and see what the response is?

    • I agree with everything you said, but I also agree with what udolipixie said in her last sentence. However, some girls have said they won't respond to anything but an email. But, I figure if they view my profile...either they're interested (enough to respond) or they're not. I figure if they like what they see and read...they would probably respond if I sent Morse Code...ha ha. But, yeah I guess I'll try a few emails.

    • and another hint about online dating- don't believe all the commercials that make it sound so wonderful and that everyone that is on one is looking to date. Truly not the case. A lot of people, mean and women, are only on there just for the attention. I get emails and winks all the time saying how pretty I am, etc, but when it comes down to actual meeting, none of them follow through. so a lot are just playing a game.

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  • Am I wasting my time by doing this?

    Possibly depending on what types of gals you're targeting.

    Do you think my responses would rise , if I send more emails, and less winks?

    Egh it depends on who you're targeting in my opinion and in my opinion if those gals weren't responding to you winks they're unlikely to be responding to your e-mails.

    • Your last sentence is kinda what I was

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  • E-mails have substance while winks don't.

    You'll get a lot of attention and responses through e-mails.

    • Guess this will turn into a part- time job...composing emails...that 9 out of 10 will be unread or

    • That's dating.

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