I've joined a dating website and I don't seem to get that many dates.......


Tell me what you think, I don't think I'm unattractive but how can I get more girls attracted to me lol

The last question like this was removed so I need some serious advice please!

I want to be that guy who women have a primal desire for and burn there nickers! Any tips ::D


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  • Yeah I got some tips, be a cool asss mother f**cker. listen to white stripes and black keys maybe a little james brown or if XX and drugs are your thing. Approach every hot girl you see. Crack some jokes, take her to the zoo and compare her to one of the monkeys there. Drift some corners late at night with her in the car. Go to bars 3 or 4 nights a week, maybe pick some one up or just take her to the bathroom stall. Don't take sh*t from no one even if they can knock you the f**ck out. Dress like a man not a giddy school girl whatever that means. Instead of saying hi, I'm mark, be like hey. your f***ing cute. Or during the day just be like hey. and then stare at her until she says something.

    Another thing don't say nickers or make those emoticons. Don't be on a website like this, be out at the mall or bar talking to that one hot girl no one else is talking to. Then get rejected a 1000 times before you turn into an icy mother f**cker, like you just don't give a crap about anything anymore because you've seen all and done all.

    Did any of that help?


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  • Simply talk to more girls.

    Don't just let them be attracted to you.