Complicated situation (cheating lying etc)

This is a complicated story but I'll try to shorten it.

I have been dating my girlfriend for about 6 months, and every so often she would get these inappropriate texts from this other guy (who was in a relationship) saying things like "you look hot in that fb pic, send me one" or "I have the house to myself if you wanna come over for a massage" the list goes on, and every time she rejects him and reminds him he has a girlfriend, he says "so what?". She told me that they had a drunk hookup a long time ago.

Recently, this guy and his girlfriend broke up because she heard he cheated on her with multiple girls in the past (Including my current gf). My girlfriend finally told me that she had been very drunk and he told her they were broken up and then they hooked up. And now she is worried everyone hates her and that she looks like a s*ut. She says he is trying to say she came onto him...when obviously these messages show the truth.

I'm curious though, why is she refusing to tell anyone about these messages or share the texts? that would be my first instinct. Only thing I can think of is if he has something more he could damage her with (possibly they went farther? or hooked up multiple times?)

Any input from anybody

this other guy is honestly pathetic

My girlfriend has low self esteem which could contribute. Her first boyfriend cheated on her and her dad had an affair around the same time and became a little violent, so she became a party girl for a bit and was used. But she hasn't been drunk since we've been together (I can only say this because she is clingy and will constantly text me even at parties)


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  • Girls care a lot about their reputation. No girl, even if they are one, wants to be labeled as a s*ut. She probably has done nothing wrong, besides what she told you. But a guy as careless as him with nothing to lose probably worries her. She's worried if she angers him, he'll somehow make it look like it was really her coming onto him. In this situation, who would end up looking worse? Him or her? Obviously her. And she knows that. She would've told you if they went further, or did it multiple times. I mean, since she's confessing herself. She's just waiting for it to blow over. I don't think you have anything to worry about.

    • I completely understand, however, the guy already is saying she came onto him, when these texts (all of them) show proof that he's tried to come on to her countless times, so wouldn't this help her case, by showing how bad this guy is? Or hurt her more because she's concealed it from everyone (including the guys gf--her ish friend) for months now

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  • It seems that she doesn't want to damage the guy's reputation.

    • This guy is a complete idiot, I can't understand why she would care about him after what's he's done to his girlfriend (which is somewhat her friend---small school problems)

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