The explanation behind all these mixed signals?

So my ex that I still like (he broke up with me) tells me that he still likes me. I then find out that he told my best friend he likes her and has a girlfriend. We confront him, but he doesn't care about what he did. A few weeks later he texts me and tells me he's done with the many girls at once thing and that I'll always have a special place in his heart and he starts flirting with me. I tell him no, that I'm done with the games. I find out one or 2 weeks later he has a girlfriend. He's constantly flirting with me and stuff. But now it's to the point where he never texts me or answers my messages on Facebook, but whenever I see him in person he's always talking to me and playing around with me. Like, the other week, I was going to a thing for youth (he's in my youth) and when I walked in the door and he saw me, he yelled my name and started waving like crazy. What does all this mean?


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  • You simply have to distance yourself from him.

    It's clear that he's just using you as a last resort when his dating life fails.


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