My friend screwed me over...what am I supposed to do?

It was my birthday last week and I got really wasted. The girl I used to see (she broke things off with me because she wanted to be alone) and still have feelings for text me, I text back being emotional. My friend snatched my phone went crazy and text her back in my state of stupor. He completely cursed her out, called her a b*** about three times said some things about where she was from to her to go f**k herself and was really disrespectful to her. I saw a note from friend in the morning next to my phone I was pissed but I immediately called her she hung up twice and then I text her apologizing for the emotional texts and his text messages to her but she wasn't having it. And she said his actions and words have messed up our friendship. I was depressed all weekend because I still really like her and I made my friend go talk to her and apologize in person. But when they talked she said she can barely stand me when I'm around her and she can't look at me. I honestly had nothing to do with all this and would never in my life disrespect anyone like that no matter what they did to me. So am I supposed to do anything or what did I do wrong for her to feel this way about me? What am I supposed to do? I'm really really confused and this whole thing is really bothering me.


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  • Honestly, I think one day you'll come to be grateful your friend did that. Usually when we like somebody we fail to see their flaws. Your friend though could see the real person she is and saw a bitch. Trust your friends, they're your friends for a reason. He was just watching your back. Yes what he did was not right, but you should forgive him and try to see why he did it.

    • also the fact that she's behaving like a child over something that you did not do is just another reason why your friend seems to have good intentions. Her dumping you so she can be "alone" is code for I got bored of you and think I can do better/sleep around.

    • On a good day, would agree with you but with me she really had no flaws. Everyone generally thinks this girl is a bitch but she was nothing but good to me. She supported me, fed me, would run errands I didn't ask her to and never once lied to me. She always told me when any guy tried anything stupid with her just so that she didn't feel like she was keeping things from me. As for her wanting to be alone, I can't say why but whatever she choses to do is fine as long as she didn't drag me into it.

    • I understand that she was great to you and I'm not saying your friend was right in doing what he did because he definitely was not. I'm just saying that you shouldn't punish his behavior until you're 100% over her. Also, if she's not willing to forgive this ordeal than you really are better off without her. Either way good luck and I hope you get what you want and deserve.

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  • If you told her that your friend was the one who sent her those texts and he's a douche for doing so, and apologized to her about it, then there is nothing more you can do unfortunately. Just give her some time and she'll either forgive you or she won't. But there is nothing more you can do.


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  • Next time you see her in person, say your apology and the reason behind "your" actions.

    If she still doesn't want to accept that, then you simply have to walk away from her and find a new girl for yourself.

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