Why is he ignoring me now?

So there's this guy I like, he JUST gave me his number like last week. So we started texting at midnight when he was with his friend all the way till like 4 am. He was saying that I'm cute, beautiful without makeup , & that he talks different with me because he thinks I'm cute and sometimes gets nervous.. And we were flirting A LOT and he also kept telling me to FaceTime him. I was getting tired so I told him to text me tomorrow and he said okay goodnight cutie. Then I thought he would text me the next day, he didnt, so I texted him 2 days after that night.. My iPod said he read it but he never replied. My friend texted him and he replied to her only to find out who it was because he didn't recognise the number. It's been like 4 days that he hasn't texted me. Why is he ignoring me now? Why isn't he texting me anymore ? Even after all that he was saying to me that one night?


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  • It seems that he wants to keep his distance to "see" if you're still interested in him.

    You should try texting him again and see what happens. If he still doesn't respond, you better move on and find a better guy for yourself.


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