She says we're just friends but could have something down the road

This question is for both men/women.

And I need some advice,about a woman I met off a dating site.

The things is she says were just friends,and she wants to date

other guys.

which when I say I have no problem,she tells me there could be

more between us down the road.

i'm not only confused,but I want to have f/friends of my own.

Can anyone please help me?

Ok,i cleared it up I can have f/friends of my own.

But if none of her dates work out,she has me in mind.

is it odd she talks about having kids when she's talking to me.

and said she had a dream,that I kids w/her.

Any advice


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  • I don't understand----what's preventing you from having friends of your own? As far as the woman, like the guy, she is playing the field. She is dating other guys, while keeping you with the illusion that you could be the one later on, but right now, you're not it; however, if all her screwing around doesn't work out, then she'll come back to you. :D Two words: Dump her!

    • i have a few friends of my own .

      The point is we've been going back and forth between friends and dating .

      And I'm looking for a woman to date on my own

      and she says she wants to be just friends and not hurt me if we dated .

      I told worst case I'll know we can only be friends

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