I have a feeling I'm a rebound.

I met a girl about a month ago that I've been seeing and have now been friend zoned with, in the beginning when we first started hanging out it was just holding hands, hugging, cuddling all the normal affectionate stuff. Now when I first met her she told me about her last relationship she had which ended really bad, with her ex stalking her and trying to manipulate her making threats to her, just a bad relationship. But she told me it ended 7 months ago and that she had no interest in being with him but wanted to try to be friends with him? Which I don't understand but I've never been manipulated by a significant other before, so I tried to be supportive and there for her. I'm a very giving person I've done nothing but good things for her, and she told me she wanted to take things slow, so I was fine with that in understanding her past situation, and as a few weeks go by she starts saying she doesn't want a relationship, but then she'll say she wants to take things slow with me and focus more on a friendship and then see what happens, so I'm just really confused until a night we spent together I rented a movie for her we laid on my couch and cuddled and then we start kissing, but she kissed me I was trying to go slow but it's hard when the person you like kisses you. So then now I'm thinking everything is going okay but then she tells me her ex is messaging her again and won't leave her alone. Then that night seems like it never existed to her and then she says she wants to take things slow, and I start asking questions and then she starts saying she wants to just be friends? So I accepted her friendship. But now I'm really confused because we talked when I accepted her friendship proposal and she tells me she likes being with me and cuddling with me, but she says it's not fair to me if she's thinking about her ex and she says how amazing I am and how good I am to her and how she doesn't love herself and she needs to love herself before she can express it to anyone else, because she had to really make herself like me? So I don't know what to think, is she just saying all this because of her ex and she's just confused and not telling me? Or does she just not have any feelings for me at all and am I just a rebound? I care about her but I just need other people's point of view because I think my feeling for her are getting in the way of my rationality.


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  • Hunny, she's got mixed emotions it's difficult for girls to get over a long relationship, no matter how bad she was treated etc. And about that night, don't bring it up unless she talks to you. She could well have feelings for you (by the sound of it deffo) but she was under emotional turmoil that is a break up she's gonna be really messed up with emotions for a while, support her, kiss her hug her do whatever always try to makesure she's not on her own a lot she might start talking to him again believe me I recently broke up with someone and he contacted me and I imediately began speaking to him again which got me in a lot of trouble I did some bad things with him but don't let her get into a stage like that she sounds like a typical girl going through a stressful break up even though she doesn't show it she wants someone there to be looking after her ... She'll come around just don't be like my ex and if you do start going out with her, don't have a constant hardon serious it's not fun XD good luck sweety xxx


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