My feelings for this guy go back and forth?

Okay, so I have been talking to this guy for the past few weeks. He messaged me (online dating). We got along great online, so we agreed to meet this past weekend.

We met on Saturday and it went well. We basically hung out the rest of the weekend too. I went to his place and we watched tv. However, here's the thing, I'm not sure how I feel about him!

The first time we met, later that night he was already asking what we were. I told him I wanted to go slow, and he agreed, he's a recovering alcoholic (2 years sober), so he wanted things to go slow.

But he wants to put a label on this already. I know he really really likes me. And I kinda like him too. But I'm not sure if this is right. I have some hesitation. Here's why:

-He smokes, a lot and it does kind of bother me. I didn't think it would at first, since I have been around smokers, and lived with one for a while, but it does bother me.

-He smokes pot, all the time :P Now this isn't as bad for me. But I want to find a guy I can marry and eventually have kids, not sure how pot would fit into that mix (I don't toke).g

-He seems to be incredibly impulsive. He said that gambling has been a problem for him as well. So it seems like he's got an addictive personality.

I just don't know if I can be with someone like this. Although he seems like he's a good person.

Here's why I like him:

-He's smart. He's graduated from a good school, has good potential and is actively working on bettering himself (taking courses, etc...).

-He's nice to me. He drove to see me twice already and bought me dinner.

-He's always smiling and happy.

So what the heck :S Why can't my brain decide whether I like this guy or not? :S


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  • You cannot get to a know a person in only a few weeks. If he already wants to commit, then he's in it to have someone, anyone who fits his base standards. Do not allow him to pressure you to move forward if you are not ready. If he's pressuring you, it's his needs alone that he cares about.