What keeps you on cloud nine?

Guys, I am just wondering. What keeps you on cloud nine or keep you interested in a woman during the dating stage? Do you like when a girl text you every day or almost every day during the dating stage? What is clingy to you?


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  • When my partner doesn't get comfortable in the relationship and doesn't take off the "good behavior" mask I stay on cloud 9. I've only had one boyfriend who treated me the same since the day that we became "official". That was the best relationship I ever had in my life, if it wasn't for me having to move away, we'd still be together.

    I hate guys who just put on an act to "catch you."

    Don't pretend to be interested in my conversation, don't pretend to have the same interests as me, don't pretend that you are interested in going outdoors or trying new things when you really aren't.

    Don't expect me to be interested in you or want to sleep with you once you stop doing all of those things that made me attracted to you in the first place. If you become a completely different person from when we first started dating I'm not going to be attracted to you. Once a guy stops being the guy who I initiated a relationship with, I break things off. Especially if he still expects me to cook him romantic dinners, make him gifts, give him massages, listen to his problems/day, est. I'm not giving the girlfriend package to anyone who doesn't treat me the way I want to be treated.

    Far too many men and women put on a face just to get a person, If you aren't the person they are interested, then the relationship isn't going to last, whether you lie or not. Just be honest and stop wasting peoples time.

    • Amen to that. That was a sweet reminder...lol. I just started dating this guy and we both agreed that we are feeling something real. It is like a vibe. He never lets me pay for anything which is something I have to get used to (independent). Don't get me wrong...I respect that. He text me and I text him first sometimes. I just feel like its to early in the game to text him every day. I haven't text him for two days because he is out of town. He sent me pics and I sent some back. his turn? lol

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    • Yup we been exchanging pics from time to time. He went on a trip to new orleans that he had planned about a month ago. I text if he was having fun after he sent the pic and he didn't reply. He probably was enjoying himself but not too much without me lol...i like him. I will just go with the flowand see what happens:)

    • good luck to you!

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  • Smell. Mental chemistry. Being at the same level of class/intelligence/demographic group. And obviously, physical desire that seems strong enough to not be satisfied too quickly.

    Text when you feel like it, but modify this rule if you know it's too much/too little.

    Clingy is when the dating/flirting dance stops, the moves no longer matter, she latches on to you and you know isn't going to let go even when she should.

    Men and women test each other, unconsciously. React in the way you know you should, if he does something wrong/rude. Send a gentle message back through body language/tone of voice that you aren't the kind of gal that will put up with being treated bad.

  • I like it when a girl texts me everyday as long as we can keep the conversation going. My definition of clingy is calling up in the middle of the night all upset over something minor or insignificant. Calling and texting multiple times to get our attention. Wanting to meet our parents and family. Wanting to know what all your friends think about you. It gets annoying.


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