Is this girl just messing with me or did I miss something?

This girl I know at work just broke up with her boyfriend. A month later she calls me and talks to me for about 4 hours till 2:00am then she tells me she likes me. I told her I liked her back then a couple of days later she stayed at my house and spent the night with me. The next morning we started making out. So it seamed like she really liked me and wanted more. I called her in the middle of the week asking if she wanted to go on a date with me and she said no because she had school in the morning. Then a week goes bye and I call her to have lunch with her and she tells me to stop calling her. WTF is the deal? Did I do something wrong?


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  • You were an about to be rebound. An about to be rebound is a person who is almost a rebound but the person leads you on for a few days then decides that they don't like you at all not even a friend. She was wrong. Sorry.


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