He knows I like him and brags...how will I know if he feels the same?

I started working with a guy I go to school with. I thought he was super cute, but found out he was talking to a girl, so I just put it one the back burner. He is not talking to that girl anymore and it was not anything serious so he is fine now. But my problem is that he knows I like him and told the girl he is close to at work that he knows I into him and that I like him and stuff. I inivited him to party and he came and we played beer pong and it was fun, but he had to leave early to get home for the weekend. I texted him not soon after and said sorry it was lame and he texted quickly that he promises next time he will stay longer. Now my friends had me text him just to start up a convo and he really knows I like him now.

The problem is or I guess what I don't understand is that I cannot tell if he likes me back or if he is in it to just be a jerk. He texts me and I text him so I don't think he would do that if he thought I was crazy, I just can't tell and don't know what to do. Please any advise will help!


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  • If he's bragging to people... well, idk, but I wouldn't want a guy doing that. I like a more quiet/private relationship. One or two of my closest friends might be in my business, but they'd never dictate to me precisely what to do to show interest/disinterest.

    Kill the rumors completely by not paying attention to him. If he likes you, then he will approach you, but watch out since your instinct seems to be warning you already that he's in it only for a bit of fun and games.

    • great advise...thanks a million!

    • Been there... Good luck!

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