Does this happen to you?

Drives me up the WALL. But my girlfriend works in a camp for two weeks and is home for two weeks. The time she's away is the wooorst because if I'm with friends or going out, she gets jealous and worries and wants me to just stay home . Of course I'm not going to stay home, and then she'll text me non stop and gets upset if I don't reply right away. Big. Pet. Peeve.

YET when she's with friends, I'll text her (rarely because I know how annoying it is to check your phone when you're with people) and I'll ask when she'll be home or where she left the keys (if I need an answer to something I'll text her) and she won't text back. She'll read the text, and then ignore it.

Does your significant other expect you to constantly update them when you're out and completely ignore you when they're out? Doesn't it drive you completely mad? Fack.


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  • Happens a lot to me.

    That's why I resort to little white lies often.


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