A ring on the first date too much too soon?

sIve been talking to this guy for a little over 3 months..we met online and I I waited until recently to meet with hhim. on our first date he presented a 14kgold ring 75% with diamonds and let me drive his brand new car..cuz "I knew the area." he seems very genuine and he calls me every day and texts me everyday..he wants to meet my mom and says he has something planned for me that is a surprise..during the course of us getting to know one another, I put him on the back burner to focus on school and work and he asked me about it and I explained to him what the deal was and why I stopped talking to him for that short while...he is very sweet and has not even pressured me into having sex nor is he overly affectionate in a physical sense..he seems to take his time with that as I see that is best..he respects me and tells me everyday how much I mean to him..im jut a lttle thrown off because I just met him and I dnt know if this is normal...


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  • Ring on a first date? No dude, not even CLOSE to normal. You have to ask yourself what's going on in his head that he's not going to watch out for himself, you know? Men need time, at least months and commonly years to decide if one woman is the one for them. If they are healthy normal men, they don't do it on the first date. Red flag, that's too weird for me. I'd have to stop seeing him because it would unsettle me too much. I'd tell him exactly why too and that although I've enjoyed getting to know him, I'm moving on good luck and please don't contact me again.

    • I know that he's in good hands..i think he might know that too maybe that's why he's going all in or nothing at all...?

    • YOU know he's in good hands (yours), but there's no way HE can know that about you after one date. When you're talking about a major life decision like marriage, it's only normal for a person to take their time and make a calculated rational decision. He's skipping that process. That's too huge of a thing for me to ignore, if I were in your situation.

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  • Spelling your feelings about how much you like someone and giving them a a gold ring on the first date sounds a bit deluded and obsessive.

    • he says this, he has never been wrong when having a strong feeling about someone so when he knows what he wants he goes for it and gives 100%

    • How can you know you absolutely like everything about a person on the first date? Given, you have been talking for 3 months over the internet and that does give you some insight into who they are, it doesn't reveal everything about their personality and behavior, how they behave in person, if you'll have fun on dates, how your sex life will be and so on. It's just not possible to know all that from talking on the internet. He obviously picked out the ring before even meeting you...

    • I agree that you can get to know parts of someone, but 100%. =P It's not a stretch to think he's idealizing you, and will run into plenty of crap that is disagreeable at some point.

  • i think that's normal because he just love you so much , maybe he gonna marrie with you in future!

    so you can trust him .you can see he don't ask you into having sexual relationship so he isn't a pervert or any thing else (realy he is a gentelman !)

    but you can research about him untill being sure and admit

  • id be careful if you contiue to see this guy

    • what makes you say that? I mean you have to be careful in all situations right?

  • That's a little excessive.

    • why I mean I go at my own pace regardless of what is thrown at me..and he seems to know what he wants..explain why you think its excessive...

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