Why didn't he contact me for a long time then randomly texted me

I was seeing this guy he's 22 I'm 18. he texted me to hangout pretty regularly at the beginning and always texted back quickly.i The last time we hung out was last Monday. I stayed over and the next day we hung out for awhile. Everything seemed like it went good then I left and I didn't hear from him for 3 days so I texted him something funny I saw. He didn't respond for over 4 hours but then double texted me so I responded..then he took another hour to respond...after that he didn't text me the rest of the week or weekend so I assumed he just wasn't interested in anymore and wasn't gonna contact me but then I made a status about being an extra in a movie and he liked it and then texted me "goodluck tomorrow movie star". we then had a little convo but he still took longer to respond. he didn't ask me to hang out though so I don't understand


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  • It seems like you're just a good friend to him and he doesn't see you anything more than that.


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