Is this Saudi guy a player or sincere?

I'm currently dating a Saudi guy (we are both studying abroad): he is an awesome person and hanging out with him is fun (on a mental level). We hang out, been a little physical but haven't gone all the way yet. I'm afraid that once we "do it", he will lose interest and move on to a new "toy".

I have never dated a guy from a Middle Eastern country, but I hear that in most part they use western women for sex and practice. I only want a casual relationship, so what bothers me is not knowing if the nice things he says are sincere or just part of his tactics to get in my pants.

He tells me things like I'm a cool person, I'm pretty... He takes the time to hang out with me and get to know me, shares a lot about his life and sometimes I have the feeling he is a little jealous/possessive (like if I'm talking to a male study partner he will give some kind of subtle look our way).

What makes me think he is a player is that he is one of those very social people with a lot of female friends, goes clubbing and gives me more compliments than to what I'm used to (which is almost 0). He calls me Sweety or Honey but I feel like he just calls me that because he's afraid of mixing up the names of other girls he may have on the side. He also told me after not even a month of dating that he loves me, but I think that it's just his groin talking.

He's charming and treats me like a princesse, but I'm on my guards on an emotional level and take whatever he says with a grain of salt.

On one hand, this feels like fantasy/fake which bothers me, however I have such a good time with him and enjoy the attention he gives me so for now I'm just trying to live in the moment.

Thank you so much for reading this and if you can share your experiences on dating Middle Eastern guys!


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  • that fantasy fake feeling you have is called an instinct, follow it. But if you want casual than its okay to see a player, that's what they prefer. Clubbers will be approaching other girls no doubt, I'm the same and will be hooking up. casual always means multiple, don't forget. Nothing wrong with sharing experiences and treating you like a princess, relish in that sh*t you won't find it often.


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  • Saudis can't marry foreigner while they are part of the SACM program. Once he is done you will never see him again


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  • First of all if he is from Saudi Arabia and Muslim it means he can't have sex outside of marriage with another musilim women, whom he will probably have to marry in order to gain releif from the goverment and keep the money/land in the family.

    If you are worried about keeping his interest then sadly it probably means your gut feeling is telling you deep down this guy is a player.

    if you want fun, go with it, if you want commitment walk the other way