Is it normal feeling this way?

I had a really strong thing with this guy but because of some misunderstanding we never got to work. That was about two years ago. Anyway we kept the contact and I started dating my current boyfriend, I have been with my current boyfriend for more than a year and I truly love him to pieces, I believe he's the guy of my dreams. I lost contact with the guy and now we have been contacting again, we have kept things just as friends. Now he's dating a girl and I don't know why but I'm kinda jealous, is this normal? I know I'm over him, or that's what I want to think, it is true that I would always have that thing of not knowing what would have been of us if things would have work out between us since I loved him very much, but now he's just a friend but I just can't help it but be jealous, and it's strange because I don't tend to be a jealous person. So, is it normal to feel this way? Any advice you might have for me would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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  • I am friends with my ex too and I know despite my feelings for her we won't work out. Not compatible. So I try to see her as a friend but nope. I still get jealous when I see her with her boyfriend. You only get jealous when you have some sort of feelings my friend.

    • Yeah I probably still feel something for him, though I thought I was totally over him, like for example the time we had no contact I barely missed him, so I don't know why I feel this way now, I just wished I didn't feel this way

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  • Wow, you have major jealousy issues, this isn't normal. You have your boyfriend who you are happy with, he has his girlfriend he is happy with, get over it. Keep doing your thing and be happy with your boyfriend and let him do his thing, that's the best advice I have.

    • The thing is I'm normally not jealous at all, just with him, and I let him do his thing and I do mind, but I just can't help getting jealous :S

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    • Well then wait it out and if they break up then ask him out.

    • I can't ask him out, I'm not single, and I love my boyfriend a lot

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