Texting a guy you don't know that well, what do I do?

He saw me out and He asked for my number, Because he was really into me, I gave it.

The next day he text I text back a day later, then we had another day of texting. Then he went quiet and now nothing. I don't get him? I don't know if he's still into me, where I stand or rule him out?

Why do guys do this? I don't understand if he's now shy, not into me, or anything Because he hasn't suggested meeting up yet and I can't really get to know him via texting.

Shall I just forget about him?


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  • He might be nervous about texting you immediately. I'm guilty of waiting a while before texting a girl back. Now that I know better I should not do that because they feel ignored and unwanted by the guy who showed interest. Guys do this because they fear sounding desperate. I've scared away plenty of girls by being needy and accommodating and being available to her every need and always setting time aside just for her.

    Guys can be just as awkward as girls in this kinda thing.

    • So do I just wait for him to text back? And how long should I give him before I move on?

    • Do what you feel is right. I would say give him a few more chances to increase his comfort level. If he keeps this up then do what you feel is right.

    • Ok thanks yeah that makes sense, ahh the joys of texting haha!

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