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Girls, So you give your number to a guy and he texts you. You text for 3 days straight and a day goes without a word, who should text first? The guy or the girl.

My guy friends say to wait for her to text me back cause I sent the last message. Something about rules and man code.

When I first texted her she responded almost immediately and we both usually delay between 2 – 30 minutes. We both have kids so I think that is a pretty good turn around.

Some input with the next hour would greatly be appreciated, because I just might text her back or even call her…



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  • If you are interested in her text her within 24 hours.

    • I was about to text her a moment ago, but ''how was your day'' just sounds so cheesy

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    • lol... Thanks.

    • lol no..THANK YOU

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  • In my world the guy should always 100% of the time text first. Don't stress about going a day without it though she might have just gotten busy. Shoot her a message ask how her days was then just wait on it, you have officially put the ball in her court.

    • Thank you. I knew I should have not listened to my friends. They got me thinking and I didn't want to come off as pathetic and desperate

  • Text her. Girls love when guys text them first :)

  • TEXT HER ! I garuntee she will love it girls love to be texted first and honestly it comes from the fact that some girls feel that they are being annoying if they initiate convos with a guy over text so ya just do it :)

  • When you like someone a lot there are no rules!

    For heaven sake, just text the girl and have fun. Who cares which one of you should text first.

    If you can put a little tingle in her life with a text JUST DO IT!

    Courage, action and especially humour will take you a long way!

  • Oh well I definitely missed the window -_-

    Any news since 11 hours ago?...xX

  • You text her first


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