Advice needed ASAP! How do I handle this?

So I texted this guy I like a few days ago, and he wrote back pretty quickly, like usual. Then I of course responded, and then he never did. I don't know if he's just not interested, or if something happened with the phones, but regardless it's frustrating. should I text him and see what's going on? or should I just leave it? I don't want to wonder "what if", but I also don't want to seem desperate, because I'm not. What do you all think?


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  • This has happened to me before, but with a girl haha.

    Depends on what the last thing you said was; was it a question? or was it something that didn't really need a reply unless he was feeling conversational.

    I reckon give it a few days, then text him about something else all together (not mentioning he didn't reply last time), and just sound casual, then you won't seem desperate.

    Good luck! and this was my first answer haha.

    • It was a question, but he did say he was working on something else, so my guess is that he just got distracted or something. If I just wrote back like "gee thanks for writing back :P" would that be good? Or does that come across as bitchy, cause I would mean it to just sound like I'm joking around.

    • Yep I think that sounds fine to me, cute and playful :)

      But I guess it depends on the guy!

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  • This is a hard situation. I see why you wouldn't want to text him and why you would not want to leave it alone. But it depends on how your conversations are, are they fun,interesting, you guys never get bored while texting. if so Then I doubt if he's not interested. Maybe you may bump in to him. Or wait a few days or a week to text him. You can say hey what happened. Or just start off a regular conversation.

  • Ooooh toughie:(

    Many different things could've happened to cause him not to text you back, but unless you ask him in person, you'll never know. Don't text him about it, because if his phone really was broken, you would feel ignored (well I would anyway).

    Bottom line is: Don't worry about it! It's not like he said he hated your guts and started ignoring you!

    Hope this helps!

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