At what point should I stop initiating conversation?

So, this guy and I are friends, but I do like him quite a bit. We were close in high school (I think he may have liked me), but lost touch for a few years and got back in touch almost 2 months ago.

He has initiated texting a couple times, and when we text he seems enthusiastic, uses a lot of smileys, and seems interested in talking; we end up texting for quite a long time, actually. He has even invited me to casually hang out twice, which we did and it was fun.

Mostly, though, I have to text him first. I'll even wait a week sometimes to see if he'll text, but he doesn't. And when we do text, (despite it being for a decent while) sometimes he'll just stop replying even though it is open for him to reply, and I don't hear from him again at all until the next time I text. The last time we were supposed to hang out, I suggested it and he was excited and agreed, but it never happened. He apologized later and told me he'd left his phone in his friend's car by accident. I don't know if I believe him because he could have messaged me on Facebook (he appeared online a few times during the time I was waiting).

Should I stop initiating things with him and leave it up to him from now on? Or should I continue to text every once and a while like I have been in order to show interest, but not appear over-eager or pushy.


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  • I think as much as it hurts becasue I went through a similar situation with a guy, just stop texting him, or maybe wait onger and longer between the times you text him and that's basically like a sign to him that he either needs to pick up his own slack if he really likes you,or that eentually you're just gonna go, Don't get to hung up on him and go get a guy that will text you first every now and then because as a girl there is nothing wrong with initiating as long as you don't do it ALL the time.

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