Girls did she blow me off nicely?

Ok I text this girl I like and told her I was going to the mall Monday, you wanna come with? Well she text back which one? I said XXXX mall (the one that was cloest to me, which is the one I usually go too.)she lives in the same state, but is 1hr 30 min away from me. and only like 45 minutes from the mall I am going too, were the mall she goes to is in here area.) Well she said I won't know til I get my schedule? Did she blow me off nicely because I didn' choose the mall closet to her? Also what should I say like alright no biggie maybe someother time.

She said I won't know til my schedule comes out
I have a feeling she's one of those girls that if it only pertains to her then she is up for it.
Reason I say that, is because when she moved back,(due to ex boyfriend cheating, she gave me her number) well I was always the one going up there to her. once she came down only because her cousin lives close to my area and it was his birthday so she was in the area and wanted us to go on a date, other than that I am usually the one going to her.


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  • It could be that she actually doesn't know what her schedule is and if she has time for the drive and hanging out. It could be way more complicated or it could be simple. I was say let me know how your day pans out, if not another time. That way she should still keep you in mind during the day, but if it really won't work out your not left hanging.


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  • I think she really doesn't know her schedule yet and doesn't wanna make plans for that reason... why so suspicious? if she gets in touch with you once she finds out when she's working then no reason to be worried, she probably likes you

  • i woulldnt drive 45 minutes to go to the mall either


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