Shy guy, what am I suppose to do with him?

I am dating a guy who is very confident on the outside. However, he is inexperience and not good at showing affection. So, he likes cuddling and hugging. However, I am a shy girl too but am I suppose to set the tone/ make the first move?

He didn't hold my hands or anything on the first date except tell me how he feels, his future plans, his philosophy, his background, and he paid for the date.

He doesn't flirt in person (I think maybe myer briggs a int or entj). He flirts in text (sexual question - seeing if I and him can fit in a bathtub)

Advice on reading him and dating him? I think second date, I have to hold his hand first...


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  • u gotta make the first move I was the same took control

    after she made first moves tho


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  • Take it slow, give him time and he will become more and more free around you. Some guys are just like this. But I bet you it'll be worth it.

    Just a little patience. You'll see. ^^